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Jill P.

I met Mark Berry in May 2005 when he was an intern at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. At the time my neck and back were hurting very badly and I wanted to find an alternative to medication. A negative experience with chiropractor a few years before had kept me from approaching that type of healing again until I met Mark.

Not only did Mark ease my back and neck pain with weekly adjustments and traction, he also used a technique that has alleviated my knee pain. I have suffered from knee pain for approximately 20 years and after x-rays and specialists and physical therapy, nothing helped the pain. Right now it is the middle of winter and I can freely bend my knees without worrying about pain at all.

Mark also approaches his practice with a holistic view. Exercises and nutrition are an integral part of Mark's philosophy. He treats the whole person and listens carefully and answers any questions, concerns, and observations.

My only regret is that Mark has moved home to Alabama to set up his own practice and I am unable to continue to go to him. However, I know that if I had a question, he would answer in no time. He's a person who believes in himself, his chosen professional, and truly wishes to help those around feel better and enjoy their lives without pain.


Sally B.

I came to meet Dr. Berry (intern Mark Berry, at this time) in May, 2005 at our local town festival where he had a booth set up describing Chiropractic care. I didn't need much convincing my neck was really messed up. I couldn't turn my head or move my neck in any direction without a lot of pain.

After a complete exam at Parker College, He informed me my neck had straightened out. I had lost the (natural) curve in my neck! Dr. Berry took excellent care of me. What I really liked most about him is that he really listened to me and addressed my every concern about my on going treatment thoroughly, professionally, and thoughtfully. No question was to silly. Plus, whenever I had to bring with me any of my three children he always welcomed them.

About the same time I met Dr. Berry, I had started seeing another chiropractor who lived across the street from me. I found he was only interested in getting me out of pain which was great at that point, but I interested in addressing the loss of curve and getting to the root of the problem! I found Dr. Berry to be very thorough. He offered me treatment plans and hope for living pain-free for good.

I highly recommend Dr. Mark Berry for any chiropractic treatment.


Joann P.

What Health Problem Are You Suffering From?

Pain in my entire spine. Sever pain in my neck and middle of my back.

How Long Have You Had Your Problem?

Several years.

What Solutions Did You Try Before That Didn't Work?

Other chiropractors, Advil, heating pad, muscle relaxers

How Did You Learn About Chiropractic?

My family introduced me to it. Then I went to work for one.

How Has Your Problem Interfered With Your Life and How Has Your Life Changed Now?

I was very uncomfortable and soar and did not want to do much. Now I feel so much better and I feel like doing things now. My activities have increased tremendously.

Would You Recommend Chiropractic Care and Why?

Yes I would. Absolutely. The education you get on how important the spine is and what its function is. It is way better than taking medicine (that masks the problem and gives you not solution to what the problem is). Surgery is out. Medical Doctors and Surgeons always want to operate. Chiropractics has turned my life along with my families lives completely around. We are either on the way to recovery, or are problems are gone. I recommend regular adjustments. They will keep every thing lined up and functioning correctly. Dr. Mark Berry is one of the best Chiropractors in the United States. His techniques are incredible and his education and training are above and beyond many of the other Chiropractors. Dr. Berry found my problem and corrected it. I am sorry he has moved from Dallas, TX to Alabama. Alabama has gain a very gifted Chiropractor.


Karen W.

What health problems are you suffering from?

TMJ(vertigo, Nausea, Tinnitus, Lockjaw), Concentration (focus, short-term memory, speech, mind-blanks), Depression, Migraines Abnormal Visual Disturbances, Hand Difficulties (gripping/writing), Rib out of place, Chest Pains, whiplash(head, neck, back, internal organs), joint/bone/muscle pains, tourniquet feeling on arms, sinuses, digestion, tired holding my head up (feels like a bowling ball), swallowing.

How Long Have You Had Your Problem?

31 years, 25 years, 20 years, 22 years, 6 years

What Solutions Did You Try Before That Didn't Work?

Conventional Doctor, Pain Killers, Heating Pads, Mouthpiece, prescribed conventional medication, optometrist, Emu oil, Chondroition/Glucosamine

How Did You Learn About Chiropractic?

Holistic Doctor

How Has Your Problem Interfered With Your Life and Has Your Life Changed Now?

Prior to chiropractic: Initially, I couldn't work, was bedridden couldn't even move a finger, turn over, or talk when really bad. I suffered all the time , when I was awake, had difficulty sleeping, slept only 2-3 hours & would be woken up by the pain. Traveling is not an option. Social life is too exhausting to do. Now I work 2 jobs and occasionally socialize. There are moments where I feel human again. Chiropractors also instigated lifestyle change by: Meditation, Yoga, Core Exercise, Nutrition, Supplementation, alternative natural pills, alternative healing

Would You Recommend Chiropractic Care and Why?

Fix the problem, Don't cover it up with pills, which could have repercussions! Get to the root of the problem. Mark Berry does highly detailed analysis/diagnosis at phenomenal lightning speed! He's caring respectful and focuses on his client' complaints, rather than the money and the time. He is also keen on detecting problems that his clients fail to inform him of. He's intensely aware and accurate, in his diagnosis, his analysis is amazingly right on. He truly cares about his patients. Instead of doing a patch up "cover up"job. His approach is Holistic. It's not a temporary fix. He's truly One-Of-A-Kind, with his unique revolutionary approach to healing.

**When I think life wouldn't be worth living, If I suffered all the time, when I'm awake, am kept awake due to the pain, sleep little and am wakened by the pain, I remind myself of Mark, I count down the days to my next treatment session and hope returns.

It's nice to feel human again

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